South aluminum culture, flag red flowers

Culture is the intellectual support and value of enterprise development. People say modern enterprise really exist, not the existence of assets, but the existence of cultural nanping aluminum extension into the national 520 key enterprises, thanks to the reform and development of the enterprise, thanks to have a good enterprise culture. In the course of reform and development, the company has gradually formed a distinctive corporate culture. The song of south aluminium, the spirit of south aluminium, the propaganda position, the English model personage, the literary and artistic activity and the creative song and so on, is the enterprise culture one way scenery line.

With the theme of "xinnan aluminum, new culture", "loyalty and diligence, striving for change", the first and second session of nanping aluminum industry culture festival is a microcosm of the company's innovation enterprise culture construction. Enterprise culture construction in nanping aluminum industry four seasons evergreen.

The change of ideology is the beginning of cultural innovation and the premise and foundation of cultivating new values. Nanping aluminium from the grasp of the worker thought transformation, this paper has carried out such as "I walked with enterprise", "face cancellation of electrolytic aluminium preferential tariff of life and death challenge, what shall I do," big discussion as well as "the cohesion project" colorful health beneficial activities, for the worker brought a new vision and new thinking, ideas to the worker for the baptism nanping aluminium workers formed a consensus: behind the brand is culture. The famous brand represents the advanced productivity and is the logo of an enterprise. Nanping aluminium solid effective, creating famous brand of "people-oriented, the pursuit of fujian aluminum quality, environment and harmonious perfection" the management policy of contains a good ethics, is the worker Shared values in the new period, the worker to heart, and consciously implement in the production of the daily work. Fujian aluminum is a famous brand in China, a famous trademark in China, and a national quality inspection exemption product. The emergence of famous brands is a reflection of the comprehensive strength of enterprises and a fruitful result of the cultural innovation of enterprises. In this regard, nanping aluminum workers are still working hard to move to a higher level. The competition under the new economic conditions is ultimately the competition of learning ability and learning speed. The establishment of learning enterprises is an objective requirement for enterprise cultural innovation. Nanping aluminum industry to build a learning enterprise, not only a slogan, more practical implementation. The incentive mechanism of nanping aluminum industry to encourage the in-service charging of employees has been constantly improved, and the enthusiasm of employees in learning has been continuously strengthened. Nanping aluminum also actively created conditions for training staff, vocational education innovation fruitful. Nanping aluminum industry to build a lot of cultural honors. In the past two years, the enterprise has won the "national May Day labor award", "national advanced unit for spiritual civilization construction" and "national green community". Nanping aluminum industry in the 11th five-year plan sketch chart of the enterprise reform and development, the company can reach the other side of victory, must also have excellent enterprise culture to navigation and support, must improve the of innovation of enterprise culture, the value concept of nanping aluminium with culture with the culture of nanping aluminum industry brands, tree image of nanping aluminium with culture, to improve competitiveness of nanping aluminium with culture.

It is believed that the corporate culture atmosphere of "loyalty and diligence and striving for change" will become increasingly strong in nanping aluminum industry.

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